I wish that we could be like strangers once again
Forgiving anything we ever done
My eyes to touch your lips with care
And your first glance to make my heart go wild…

I wish I never knew your voice,
Just to hear angels playing on a harp,
My ears to rumble shivers down the spine,
And butterflies form stomach to the heart…

I wish I never knew your smell,
So thousand flowers will blossom in my head,
Like spring, over and over again,
Dazing me every time when you appear.

I wish I never knew your taste,
And whenever I’ll kiss your lips,
To hit me like a crazy hurricane,
To starve, to thirst, to lust for it.

I wish I never knew your touch,
To rise and fall empires from goosebumps,
To hold, to miss, to care so much,
To never ever let go of your hand.

That’s why I’m running far away
I’ll never stop, never send back a glance,
Just to forget the way we are right now,
And hope we’ll meet like strangers, once again, by chance.

Strangers – by Liviu Voicu 19 Jul 2016

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